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There are many ways to celebrate the joining of two families in a wedding ceremony.  Some use unity candles.  Others use a sand ceremony.  and there are many other unity ceremony alternatives as well. A unity puzzle ceremony is a unique alternative Unity Ceremony. For couples, it tells your love story and symbolizes that your two lives have now become one newly formed family. For blended families, a unity puzzle celebrates the uniting of their two loving families. It has pieces that are different shapes and sizes just as each family member is unique with their own special qualities. But once the puzzle is complete, with each family member in place, it not only creates a beautiful picture but a beautiful and complete family.

This custom-designed family unity puzzle is the perfect gift with a very personal touch for Mom's, Dad's and grandparents.  It is a unique gift for weddings and anniversaries.  They are one of a kind adoption ceremony gift.  They are Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day and Father's day gifts like no other.

A Family Unity Puzzle from The Puzzled One is:

*  custom designed JUST for you
*  100% handcrafted with love
*  personalized
*  an expression of who you are as a couple or a family
*  a true one of a kind gift  
*  a family heirloom
 I suggest that you place your order as soon as you can.  I receive two to six orders a day  and can only fill so many orders so spaces fill up very fast To order you can use any of my unity puzzle listings     ( please read further down to see how the process works)   

This unity puzzle is custom designed just for you. You can choose the shape, the colors the font, the theme and any details you want to be incorporated into the puzzle.  I have several basic designs that can be adapted to your needs or we can create one together that is totally unique for you.  I had one couple who loves to go hiking and they collect arrowheads.  So I made them a unity puzzle in the shape of an arrowhead.  I had one couple where the groom was a fireman and the bride was an EMT so I created a unity puzzle in the shape of a Maltese cross with the star of life in the middle.   This can be whatever you dream of.  The possibilities are endless. 

 As we work together you will tell me the basics of what you would like and I will draw up a sketch of a puzzle as a starting point for the design then we go back and forth until we have the design just right. To begin with, you might want to look at some of the puzzles I have already made to serve as inspiration for your own design.

Also please let me know if there is something that represents you as a family or couple that you would like incorporated into the design as well. 

Here are a few ways you can tell your story and make your puzzle personal:

-  Leave the pieces blank and let your children sign their own piece 
-  Add a quote, saying or bible verse to the rim of the puzzle or the last name or
-  Add extra pieces that can be sent back should you have another 
    child, I will sand it down and add their name
-  Add a quote, saying, Bible verse, wedding vows or family photo 
    to the inside of the tray like a surprise hiding underneath the pieces
-  Add a special centerpiece that the two of you will place together after you
   have placed your pieces. the piece can be anything you like 
-  Add a picture to the center of the puzzle or to cover the entire puzzle
-  Create a theme for the puzzle that tells your story I had one customer that met 
    at a pumpkin patch festival so their puzzle was a pumpkin as the couple's 
    pieces and the leaves were the children's pieces

These are just a few ideas this can be anything you want it to be it can be very simple or complex as you want it to be. 

After we design the puzzle together and the final sketch has been approved I will begin to make the puzzle. Your puzzle will measure approx 10.5" in diameter   The tray will be approx.  1" thick.  I use maple or poplar hardwood to create the puzzle.   I cut each puzzle piece by hand on a scroll saw.  Then I sand the wood smooth as silk.  Then I round over the edges and buff out the wood for an even smoother feel.  Then I wood burn the lettering onto the wood.  Then I stain the pieces with whatever colors have been decided upon.  Next, I seal the entire puzzle and tray with Krylon triple thick glaze for added durability and shine.  Then I write over the wood burned names and date with your choice of color glaze pen ( almost any color)  Which really makes the names stand out.  Then I apply two or more coats of Krylon triple thick glaze again to seal in the ink.  Once I am finished you will have a treasured keepsake that will last for generations to come.


Of course, you will want to display your new puzzle in your home you can purchase a set of puzzle stands for $20.00 more. These are nice if you want to display your puzzle on a table or shelf.  Or I can add a picture hanger to the back of the tray for $5.00 so you can hang it on your wall  Or you can get both for $25 Please be sure to make your choice on the drop-down menu to the upper right-hand side of the page when ordering.


 Currently, I am working on over 150 puzzles so I schedule and prioritize the ready to make list into batches of 16 or more according to the WEDDING DATE FIRST and also in the order in which you were placed on the list SECOND.  So for example if there are 80 people in front of you and if your wedding is in July your puzzle will be made AFTER I have made those 80 puzzles or AFTER I have made the April, May, June puzzles which I  will START TO MAKE A MONTH TO 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING.  This is a little overwhelming so if you can be patient with me throughout this process I promise to make you a beautiful puzzle***** THAT WILL ARRIVE JUST IN TIME for your wedding.******** If your wedding is less than 3 months away I ask that you purchase my express shipping

I ship worldwide using USPS Priority or express mail    Please note that for international orders there is no tracking for first-class or parcel post and no estimated time of delivery and can take upwards of one month to ship. so I suggest ordering priority mail for all international orders which are 6-10 days shipping time.
Your puzzle will arrive assembled in the tray wrapped in the plastic stretch wrap and then in bubble wrap.

******  THE KNOT BEST OF WEDDINGS WINNER 2018, 2019 & 2020


Customer Feedback

Unity Ceremony Wedding Puzzle We couldn't be happier with our puzzle. We were looking for something for our newly blended family & wanted to give the children a special part of the wedding. Jeannette knew exactly what to make. Our children walked us down the aisle & placed their puzzle piece in the tray & when it was time for us to do the typical unity candle, we placed our names in the puzzle & completed our new family. The kids were thrilled to have such a special part in the wedding & our youngest said - how the puzzle made it official - we are one big family. We have this hanging in our family room today & every time I look at it, I get teary-eyed thinking of how this puzzle completed our wedding with our kids. Thanks, Jeannette - you are the best!!!

This item is absolutely beautiful! Just perfect for our unity ceremony at our wedding. I would recommend this item to anyone blending a family!! This was my first Etsy purchase and it was super easy and I was super pleased with my purchase.

For inspiration for the wording for your ceremony please check out this collaboration of past customers ceremonies Just copy and paste this link into your browser

For more information please click here to see my FAQ page


The Symbolic Unity Puzzle in a Tray ®  is Patent Pending. (US application no. 62/658,602) Any unauthorized Use, Manufacture, or Sale is Prohibited.

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