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My name is Jeannette Aragon and The PUZZLED One – Handcrafted Wooden Puzzles and Toys is my creation. I am a self-taught puzzle maker. Over the past seven years I have learned so much about the craft of making wooden puzzles and toys. It’s really brought out the creative side in me as well. I am constantly finding inspiration for new wooden puzzles and toys all around me I’m constantly adding new puzzles to my store so my site will always be evolving. Stop by often to see what's new!


Recently I added wedding guest book puzzles in the shape of a tree to my puzzle collection. The wedding guest book puzzle is a unique alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. The idea is each guest signs a piece of the puzzle and leaves a short message and then the couple has a cherished memento of their special day that they can put together and read all of the wonderful sentiments left by their guests. They come in various sizes and with or without a tray frame for hanging. They come unfinished or custom painted as well. I have 50pc., 40 pc., 75 pc., 100 pc and 120 pc puzzles. I also make a 3d wedding guest book puzzle tree which is great for weddings or family reunions. They make great family trees. These come in 30 pc. or 50 pc puzzles. Or I can custom make you any amount of pieces 50 and under.


As a former preschool teacher of 16 years, I was always inventing and creating new learning materials and activities for the children in my class. I really wanted to encourage a love of learning so I was always looking for unique ways to engage children in fun activities that would stimulate their mind and body. I think that is where my love of making wooden puzzles and toys began. So understandably the majority of my wooden puzzles and toys are designed for children. But many adults enjoy puzzles as well so now I design wooden puzzled and toys for all ages from child to adult.


I am a company of one. I do everything from manufacturing, selling and all business matters. I do it all from my small one bedroom apartment. As you can see in the pictures above my workshop has taken over my whole living room. I have three cutting stations, an sanding and drilling station, another sanding station, a painting station, and my computer station. I do cutting and sanding during the day then I do painting and all business matters at night.


I created this business with the hope of bringing joy to peoples lives. I hope you enjoy browsing my shop.


Happy Puzzling!

-Jeannette Aragon


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