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This wooden mosaic puzzle features a starburst pattern. It encourages children to explore creativity and design. The idea is not just to solve the puzzle but to take the pieces outside the tray and create your own patterns with them.. This wooden puzzle contains 66 vibrantly stained wooden pieces. The mandala puzzle measures 9" in diameter. The puzzle pieces sit nestled in a 1" deep wooden tray left in a natural finish to show off the beauty of the wood. I traced the design on the inside of the tray so you can use as a guide . When using the pieces inside of the tray this puzzle is self correcting which means there is only one way of solving the puzzle. The pieces although similar are not interchangeable and will not fit in the tray properly So I offer the option of numbered pieces or pieces without numbers for puzzlers looking for a little challenge. Be sure to choose your option when ordering. 

I cut this puzzle by hand on a scroll saw piece by piece. I used a solid piece of poplar hardwood ( a strong, dense wood that does not splinter with normal play or handling). I stained the wood with AP Certified non toxic wood stain.

You have a choice of two finishes. For those of you who want a more natural approach you can choose to have the puzzle finished with my all natural homemade wood cream made of beeswax and jojoba oil. Please note this is only temporary finish and will need to be reapplied every six months or when you wipe down the puzzle with disinfectant. I sell tubs of this cream on my site so you can care for your puzzle. here is a link http://www.puzzled1.com/puzzled/item/mosaic-tray-puzzles/11bcream_100-natural-homemade-wood-cream-non-toxic-eco-friendly Or for a more permanent solution you can have your puzzle sealed with Krylon Triple thick clear glaze.

#Wooden Mosaic Starburst Mandala Tray Puzzle