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This adorable walnut hardwood toy airplane is sure to become your child's favorite toy.  

Heirloom quality and built to last this chunky little airplane is built from 1 1/2" thick walnut hardwood, a fine grained hardwood that does not splinter with wear and tear and practically indistructable.  

The wings are made from Baltic birch plywood, the highest grade of plywood available it has more plys than normal plywood and no voids throughout.  This is a very sturdy wood.

The toy measures 6" long 4.5" tall and 6" wide.

Once I cut the wood by hand on a scroll saw I sanded it down nice and smooth and rounded over the edges.  

Then I applied my homemade wood cream made from organic beeswax and jojoba oil.  The cream is eco friendly, 100% natural and non toxic. The cream conditions and protects the wood and gives it a velvety feel. 

 I sell the cream in my shop so you can continue to protect and preserve the wood. Here is a link to the cream. 

With proper care this toy should last you for years to come.

Walnut Hardwood Toy Airplane