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There are many ways to celebrate the joining of two families in a wedding ceremony.  Some use  unity candles.  Others use a sand ceremony.  and there are many others  unity ceremonies as well.  This is a new way of celebrating this union with a unity puzzle  ceremony.. For blended families the unity puzzle ceremony is a great wayfor the children to participate in the wedding.  During the unity puzzle ceremony each member of the family carries their special  piece of the puzzle down the isle and places their puzzle piece in the puzzle  tray  After the bride and groom place their pieces they both place the last piece The double infinity piece which joins the bride and grooms pieces together..As they put the puzzle together it signifies everyone coming together to form one family. And just like a puzzle the picture isn't complete without every single piece. When designing this puzzle I joined the couple's piecs together with a double infinity symbol piece that they can place in the tra togethe sybolising th joining of two into one forever.  I placd th bride and grooms piec  in the center of the puzzle with their children encircled around them.  I designed the puzzle as a circle because circles have no beginning and no end It symbolisizes that their love is never ending. "We couldn't be happier with our puzzle. We were looking for something for our newly blended family & wanted to give the children a special part in the wedding. Jeannette knew exactly what to make. Our children walked us down the aisle & placed their puzzle piece in the tray & when it was time for us to do the typical unity candle, we placed our names in the puzzle & completed our new family. The kids were thrilled to have such a special part in the wedding & our youngest said how the puzzle made it official - we are one big family. We have this hanging in our family room today & every  time I look at it,time I look at it, I get teary eyed thinking of how this puzzle completed our wedding with our kids"

Unity Ceremony Wedding Puzzle Custom Personalized

  • Each Unity puzzle is designed specifically for you.I want to create something unique that best represents your family. This is just one design you can choose from. I can create any type of puzzle you like. For example if yout family collects turtles I can make a turtle family in a pond. Maybe you would like a family tree puzzle I can make that as well. The design is entirely up to you. If you prefer a different shaped puzzle I am happy to make whatever shape you desire. You can choose the font the colors How ever many pieces you may need. and any other detail you might like to add. I offer two types of ways to display your puzzle as well.. You can choose to have a set of puzzle stands which display the puzzle nicely on a shelf or table. Or I can add a picture hanger to the back of the tray so you can hang your puzzle on the wall. If you choose the picture hanger please note that I glue a small block of wood at the bottom back of the tray so that the bottom of the tray stands flush on the wall and the puzzle pieces will not fall out. Please be sure to select your choice of display when checking out. Each puzzle takes two to three weeks to make once the final sketch has been approved. So please be sure to allow time for this when ordering. If your short on time I will do a rush order if I have room in my schedule. Just let me know ahead of time and I will do my best to finish in the time needed. I ship worldwide using USPS Priority mail in the United States and Parcel Post for International orders. If you would like upgraded shipping that is available for purchase as well. Your puzzle will arrive assembled in the tray wrapped in plastic stretch wrap.
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