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There are many ways to celebrate the blending of two families.  Some use a unity candle.  Others use a sand ceremony.  There are plenty of other creative unity ceremonies as well.  This is a unique unity ceremony using a unity wedding puzzle. This unity puzzle ceremony is perfect for a blended family wedding and it's a terrific way to involve the children in your ceremony.  At the time of the ceremony each member of the family carries their piece down the isle and places it in the puzzle tray Then the bride and the groom place their puzzle pieces and then finally the bride and groom place the double infinity piece together.

Each puzzle is custom designed just for you! I can create practically any type of puzzle You can choose the shape the font the colors the theme. Pictured above is just one design that you can use as inspiration for your own design.

These unity puzzles also make terrific wedding gifts. They are handmade, unique, custom designed, personalized, a true one of a kind keepsake that will be forever cherished.

Of course you will want to display your puzzle once the wedding is over. So I include your choice of two display types. You can choose to use a pair of my special puzzle stands Or I can add a picture