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This adorable stacking rainbow flower garden puzzle is sure to delight your child.  As your child plays with this puzzle your child will develop important skills and learn new concepts.  When your child places the colorful pieces on each colored dowel they learn about making creating sets, ordination color matching and recognition.  They are also developing eye hand coordination and fine motor skills.      They are also developing persistence when following a task to completion and problem solving skills when trying to spin the leaf pieces to make them fit together in the garden.

The puzzle consists of:

* one garden base plate with six colored dowels
* six leaf pieces
* six rainbow colored flowers
* six rainbow colored flower tops

The base measures 12"long by 10" wide and is 1/2" thick
The leaf pieces measure 4" square and 1/2" thick
the flower pieces measure 2.5" square and 1/2" thick
the flower top pieces measure 1.25" in diameter and 1/2" thick

I cut the puzzle by hand on a scroll saw.  The puzzle is made from Baltic Birch Plywood.  This is the highest grade of plywood available.  it has a solid core with no voids and it is made with 7 plys compared to the typical plywood which has only 3-5.  The flower tops are made from maple hardwood.

I used AP Certified non toxic paints when hand painting this puzzle.  I sealed the puzzle with Krylon triple thick glaze for added durability.

Stacking Rainbow Flower Garden Puzzle