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These adorable staking rainbow butterfly puzzles are full of educational fun.  Each butterfly is a simple 3 piece puzzle.  Each butterfly has its own shaped connecting knob ie. hearts, triangles, etc. I did this to teach children how to put puzzles together  by looking at the shapes of the knobs.  As your child puts together the puzzle they increase their dexterity, eye hand coordination,  and fine motor skills.  They are also matching colors and shapes.

But that's not all.  The butterfly puzzles are stacking toys as well. As your child stacks each butterfly they are learning about balance and weight distribution, and developing  problem solving skills.

Each butterfly was hand cut on a scroll saw piece by piece out of maple hardwood.   I sanded them smooth and stained them with ap certified non toxic stain.  They are sealed with krylon triple thick glaze for added durability.

Each butterfly puzzle measures 5" long by 3.5" tall and are 3/4" thick.

Rainbow Stacking Butterfly Puzzles