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This homemade wood cream is made from 100% natural beeswax and jojoba oil.Use it to naturally soften, protect, and add shine to your wooden puzzles and toys. It is completely non toxic. It is so safe and easy to use your children can help too. You just rub the cream onto the wood, wait at least an hour, and then wipe off any excess with a cloth like paper towel. If you have any cream left on your hands you can just rub it in like lotion. Apply the cream after you clean your wooden toys and at least every six months. The cream comes in a small 1 oz. airtight plastic container. There is enough cream for several applications on your puzzle or toy. Shelf life 1 year. I offer free shipping when purchased with another item.

#Homemade Beeswax Wood Cream All Natural, Non Tox