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"This goofy little fish is looking for a swimmingly fun time. The 10 piece wooden puzzle measures 11""x7 1/2""x1"". It's large chunky pieces are the perfect size for tiny hands. The puzzle is heirloom quality and designed to last from generation to generation. It was meticulously hand crafted from a solid piece of poplar hardwood. The advantage of using this type of wood is that it will stand up to rough and tumble play and it does not splinter. This educational toy has been skillfully hand painted using non-toxic, water based paint and child-safe, triple thick, high shine glaze. This wooden puzzle is not mass produced. It was created by hand from puzzle maker Jeannette Aragon.

Wooden puzzles are educational toys that encourage child development. Puzzles help children learn to solve problems. By trying several ways to fit a puzzle piece in place, children are learning the value of flexible thinking, and of persistence. Their fine motor skills are sharpened by manipulating the pieces and fitting them in their proper space. Putting together a wooden puzzle helps children actively practice important skills such as inference, deductive reasoning, and the notion that whole objects are generally made up of parts."

#Handcrafted Wooden 3D Puzzle - Pastel Fish