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Frequently Asked Questions 

About Unity Puzzles

How can I customize this puzzle?


This unity puzzle is custom designed just for you. It tells the story of your family and your love story. You can choose the shape, the colors, the font, the theme and any details that tells your story can be incorporated into the puzzle. I have several basic designs that can be adapted to your needs or we can create one together that is totally unique for you.


Here are a few ways you can tell your story and make your puzzle personal:

  • Leave the pieces blank and let everyone sign their own piece. One sharpie marker will be  

      included with your puzzle if you choose this option.

  • Add a quote or saying, bible verse to the rim of the puzzle or a last name or both

  • Add extra pieces that are reversible should you have another child you can turn the piece over and add their name On the front of the piece you can add anything you like from a flourish to words to pictures that tell your story

  • Add a quote, saying, bible verse or family photo to the inside of the tray like a surprise hiding underneath the pieces

  • Add a special center piece that the two of you will place together after you have placed your pieces. the piece can be anything you like 

  • Add a picture to the center of the puzzle or to cover the entire puzzle

  • Create a theme for the puzzle that tells your story I had one customer that met at a pumpkin patch festival so their puzzle was a pumpkin as the couple's pieces and the leaves were the children's piecesThese are just a few ideas this can be anything you want it to be it can be very simple or complex as you want it to be. 


Can we get both the picture hanger and the stands?


Yes!  There is an additional cost but you can choose this option from the drop down labeled “Display Type”


 Is this possible and can I see a proof before I order it?


Yes!  To begin the process, you will tell me the basics of what you would like included into the puzzle design and I will draw up a sketch as the starting point for the design.  Then we will go back and forth making changes until we get the design just right.  Once the final sketch has been approved I will ask you to double check all spelling and the date and then I will add it to my calendar of puzzles ready to make.


What is the next step I need to do to order this? 

When you are ready to order you can use any of my unity puzzle listings to order with Each listing is actually for a custom designed puzzle so which ever listing you choose to order with you will still get the puzzle we designed together.

Please Note:  If you are ordering within four months time of your wedding  you will need to order express shipping This is instead of a Rush Fee and gives me the time needed to finish your puzzle and guarantees that it will ship in time for your wedding.


 I would like to discuss what design I would like. Where do I add that information or how do we go about discussing the details?


There are several ways we can handle the details.  If you have already placed your order I will send you an informational letter describing the process and more info about the puzzles in an email. Then we will continue discussions through that thread.  If you would rather work on the design before ordering, then you can contact me at or send me a message through my web site at


 Can this be made except with 3 pieces around the center names instead of 4? 


Yes, this puzzle is custom designed just for you there can be as many pieces as you need to create the puzzle that you are wanting you can choose from my many designs and I will adapt them to your needs or you can pick and choose elements from several designs or we can create something entirely new.


We plan on having more children in the future is there a way we can include them?


YES! We can create extra pieces that can be left blank or have something on them ie a scroll mark  or text  then  once you have your child and you would like me to add the name that is no problem, just contact me and I will send you my mailing address  you can send the piece with the bottom side labled with a sticker or post it.  and include in your package a prepaid return address label so i can easily return your puzzle piece when i'm finished .  once i receive the puzzle piece i will sand down the top re-stain if necessary and add the name in the correct font, type of ink and size.  and then I will mail the piece back to you once I added the name.


If I order now, when will I receive it?


This really depends on my schedule and when you will be needing it by.  Throughout the year I can be working on up to eighty to over 100 puzzles at various stages at one time. Plus, a large amount of those orders are last minute orders. Since I began making these puzzles two and a half years ago they have really become very popular.  I never expected this type of response and I am in desperate need of help in order to continue.  So while it is just me doing everything from business matters to bookkeeping to designing and creating I ask for your patience and understanding throughout the process.  In order for everyone to get their puzzle finished on time I must prioritize by wedding date. as well as in the order you are moved to each stage of the process which ever comes first.

The Process

Stage one Sketches

Currently I am working on over forty to sixty sketches so depending on your wedding date it may be a bit before I get to your sketch.   this can take anywhere from several days to several weeks  depending on your wedding date and how many people where ahead of you when you went on the list whichever   comes first. Once i complete a first draft you move to the second stage.

Stage two Pending/editing

In stage two I work on everyones sketches at once making changes here and there until we get it just perfect then you move to the longest stage, stage three

Stage Three The Ready To Make List

This is where you wait until I can make your actual puzzle. This can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Again I schedule the making of the puzzles in batches of 12-20 puzzles in order of wedding date.  currently I've fallen way behind due to numerous times that my saw has broken down and one huge computer crash so currently i am making your puzzle the week before your wedding or sooner if I at all possibly can. which is why its so important that you order express shipping I have decided that instead  of a RUSH FEE  I ask that anyone who orders within four months of their wedding date order EXPRESS SHIPPING  when ordering this will allow me the time i need to complete your puzzle in time and get it shipped to you GUARANTEED one to two day shipping so it will arrive just in time for your wedding.  I'm hoping to eventually dig out of this and get back to being a month ahead but at the current time this is what is necessary.

Sometimes if there is a long time until your wedding your puzzle may be pushed back a few times due to last minute orders but don’t worry I will get your puzzle finished as soon as I possibly can and in  time before your wedding.


Can we add our own names to the puzzle?


Most definitely!  In fact, some people actually add the names to the puzzle as part of the ceremony

How can I contact you?

You can call me at 818 665 6533 or email me at 

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