Reviewed by klowry45371  March 21, 2014

Rainbow Wooden Easter Eggs and Easter Basket - Set of Six Wooden Easter Eggs

Perfect for BC's first Easter!!!! Thanks


 Reviewed by lucas broyles  August 31, 2013

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle Tree - Unfinished - 75 Pieces - Personalized Exactly like the picture!

Thanks, we'll have this years to come :) :) :)


Reviewed by Mercedes Guerra August 20, 2013

custom listing for Mercedes Guerra Tree Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Custom Painting - 100 Pieces

exactly what i imagined it to be :) just beautiful!! :)


Reviewed by Amber Foy  July 10, 2013

Family Tree 3d Wooden Puzzle - Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Unfinished 30 pc.

We recently received our 3d Wooden Puzzle & it is beautiful. It is going to be perfect at our recommitment ceremony this weekend. Jeannette does fabulous work & was very prompt in her responses to my questions...great to work with!! We will definitely use her & "The Puzzlef One" again in the future!


Reviewed by Tenika  June 22, 2013

Family Tree Puzzle - Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle 

This is definitely a unique puzzle. Jeannette was very responsive and my puzzle was received well before the estimated date. 


Reviewed by Darcy Jimenez  April 17, 2013

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle with Frame for Hanging - Unfinished - Personalized 100 pc. Puzzle

The tree was the perfect guest "book" for our wedding! Great quality and service!


Reviewed by Diane  April 15, 2013

Sunrise River Landscape Wooden Puzzle

Absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully crafted and very nice service. Thank you.


Reviewed by aspencer17 March 3, 2013

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle with Frame for Hanging - Unfinished - Personalized 50 pc. Puzzle

We love our puzzle and cannot wait to put it on display at our wedding! The craftsmanship is beautiful and we couldn't be more happy! Thank you so much




Reviewed by victoriaturek February 23, 2013

The Color Wheel Puzzle - Waldorf Toy - Wooden Childrens Puzzle

Beautifully made and truly unique!


Reviewed by tktracy February 15, 2013

Handcrafted Children's Mosaic Puzzle - Waldorf Toy - Energy

Beautiful - wonderful craftsmanship - thank you!!!


Reviewed by lawruh880 February 4, 2013

The Color Wheel Puzzle - Waldorf Toy - Wooden Childrens Puzzle

Great transaction. I got this for my BFF's 4 year old daughter and she plays with it every day. The shop owner was very professional and shipped it before the promised date. Thank you! 


Very well done and excellent communication. I particularly like that the finish is not varnished/sticky.

Juno360Sep 10, 2012

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


The colors on these puzzles are just beautiful. I like that they have the puzzle diagram on the inside of the storage frame so children have a guide if they need. Thanks so much.

Joannajoannaack Aug 31, 2012

Custom Order for Joannaack


Perfect! Can't wait to frame it in our house after the wedding

!dkoscs Aug 31, 2012

Wedding Tree Guest Book Puzzle - Unfinished - 75 Pieces - Personalized


beautiful gift - we used it as a going away gift for an autism specialist working at our preschool & had all the teachers sign the pieces

!andria710Aug 17, 2012

The Hope Tree for Austism Awareness Wooden 3D Puzzle


My grandsons love the puzzles you made! Thanks :)Terry Heintz

(terrysifeltlikeit)Jul 31, 2012

Alphabet Apple - Children's Educational Wooden 3D Puzzle


Seller is very easy to work with, can't wait to have it all signed!Laura Wagner

(lawagner20)Jul 11, 2012

Wedding Guest Book Tree Puzzle - Unfinished 120 pieces - Alternative Guest Book


We order this as a wedding guest book and are so happy with the finished product! The colors were customized and the inscription on the trunk was perfect. And it was completed and delivered in no time at all! Would highly recommend PuzzledOne to anyone that is looking for a fun and unique idea.

Casey Nicholson(kika525)Jun 17, 2012

Guest Book Wedding Tree Puzzle - Custom Painting - 100 Pieces


beautiful work! In perfect condition! highly recommend

Amy Elmquist(mcconnellamy1)Jun 16, 2012

Wedding Puzzle Guest Book Tree - Custom Hand Painted - 75 Pieces


This puzzle was a last minute find before our wedding and we are so glad we found it. Jeannette was very accommodating and we even received the puzzle sooner than expected. Our guests loved it and we already had a great time putting it back together. The puzzle was of high quality and customer service was excellent! Would highly recommend this vendor!

Tania Scott(ts1678)Jun 15, 2012

Tree Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Unfinished - 100 Pieces - Personalized


We stumbled across this guestbook just about 5 weeks before our wedding and completely fell in love with it! It was a bit out of our budget for a guestbook but the unique factor won us over and it was a huge hit at the wedding. We framed the trunk part and scattered the pieces above it so it still looked like a tree, and gave people green pens to sign with to "color in" our leaves. It was a lot of fun to put back together and we will be framing the completed puzzle as a memoir. Thank you Jeannette for accommodating us!!

Stephanie(infinity421)Jun 13, 2012

Custom Listing for Stephanie 120 pc. Unfinished Tree Wedding Guest Book Puzzle


It was such a pleasure to work with PuzzledOne (Jeannette). The puzzle came absolutely perfect in the shape of an oak tree, which is what I have requested. Jeannette communicated shipping dates and followed up promptly. I had a great experience with PuzzledOne and recommend them highly!

neleh9Jun 7, 2012

Tree Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Unfinished - 50 Piece


Such a positive transaction--this could not be more perfect! Many thanks for your excellent communication and for your skill at creating such a fantastic item! A++++

zedandminkyJun 2, 2012

Tree Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Unfinished - 50 Piece


it has been a absolute pleasure working with Jeannette. she is very kind and always working with you to make sure you are today's world you cannot find many people like her. i would recommend her to everyone to work with and i will continue doing business with her only in the near future. thank you so mucg again for everything. your 1 in a milliion.

robyn Cohen(cohenrobyn)May 4, 2012

Custom Listing for Robyn Cohen Personalized Toddler Puzzle for GirlsAMAZING!!


What a perfect gift. THANKS

Karen Zaretski(karenzaretski)Apr 23, 2012

Personalized Transportation Puzzle - Toddler Puzzle - Children's puzzle


LOVE it!

Wooden Moose Creations(woodenmoose)Apr 18, 2012

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


Puzzle came really quickly, and it looks amazing. Thank you!

mikki knight(mikkiknight1985)Mar 13, 2012

Tree Wedding Guest Book Puzzle - Unfinished - 100 Pieces - Personalized


I bought this for my grand-baby and am sure my DIL and she will enjoy.

larua54Mar 8, 2012

Counting Snail - Children's Educational Wooden 3D Puzzle


I really like this puzzle!

larua54Mar 8, 2012

The Color Wheel Puzzle - Waldorf Toy - Wooden Childrens Puzzle



CrystalJeanSJan 20, 2012

Mosaic Puzzle - Wooden Waldorf Toy - Blue Flower


Great quality. Very pleased with the Santa puzzle!

lorraineboykinJan 18, 2012

Hand Painted Wooden Children's Christmas Puzzle - Santa Going Down The ChimneyBeauiful....


My Grandson loves it!

Paulownia(puck513)Jan 8, 2012

Handcrafted Wooden Toy Fire Truck with Wooden People


fast shipping unique

vernon ganzer(vernonganzer)Dec 17, 2011

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


I purchased three different puzzles and all are beautifully made and true to the artist's description. I am very happy and would certainly recommend these to puzzle lovers everywhere.

turtletoes1Dec 16, 2011

Lil' Princess Hand Painted Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


Wonderful product / great packaging and service. A+++++++++++++++++++

thirst4uDec 14, 2011

Children's Wooden Mosaic Puzzle -Geometric Shapes Puzzle - Nanogan


Wow. I stumbled acorss this puzzle last spring, but my daughter was too young for it. 6 months later I was still going back to look at it, so i decided to buy it for myself until my daughter is ready for it. It is really beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you!!!

Julie Dani (JKDani)Dec 3, 2011

Sunrise River Landscape Wooden Puzzle


A wonderful puzzle that my nephew will love to play with and will grow with him. It's definitely going to be a fixture in his playroom. Thank you!

Kelly Huettner(skier7787)Nov 29, 2011

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


So adorable! Thanks for a smooth transaction!

Elisabeth Wade(elisabethwade)Nov 28, 2011

Chunky Dalmatian Children's 3D Puzzle


This puzzle is so amazing!

Ami Nicole Bollin(ambrosiastitches)Nov 13, 2011

Wooden Mosaic Puzzle - Waldorf Toy - Flower Primary


Loved the puzzel, Cant wait to give it to my neice. If i ever need a puzzel, i will check here first! :) thanks again!!

Ashley (ppsmommy)Oct 27, 2011

Chunky Dalmatian Children's 3D Puzzle


I was able to customize my order to get it unfinished and it still got here super fast! Awesome craftsmanship!

granuleOct 24, 2011

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


Nice puzzle! My grandchildren will love it!

victorianlady1956Oct 8, 2011

Counting Numbers Snake - Children's Wooden 3D Puzzle



Karen Michelle(BooksBooksandmoreBoo)Oct 8, 2011

Custom Listing fo BooksBooksandmoreBoo


this puzzle arrived on time nad in good shape. it was relaly adorable and the seller was responsive and accomodating to a tight shipping need.

ehl4vSep 6, 2011

Cute Butterfly - Handcrafted Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


really nice learning toy. very sturdy perfect for little ones

!emerald drake(emeraldl22)May 17, 2011

Counting Snail - Children's Educational Wooden 3D Puzzle


Such a lovely wooden puzzle--beautifully designed, vibrant colors (even more than how the website shows it), and the hand-numbering of the pieces has been so carefully done.

ebristerMar 31, 2011

Wooden Mosaic Tray Puzzle - Mandala Orange Flower


The puzzle was lovely and very unique. The colors were beautiful and shapes fit together perfectly, no sharp edges. I found it to be very well made and sent in a timely manner.

Jodi Marie Norton(jodimarienorton)Jan 30, 2011

Wooden Mosaic Mandala Tray Puzzle - Star and Stripes


Great item, as described.

nanstanJan 23, 2011

Mosaic Wooden Tray Puzzle - Kaleidoscope Mandal


aSo beautiful!! Love the trace on the bottom to put it back in :-)

torqueJan 19, 2011

Mosaic Wooden Tile Tray Puzzle - Energy


Thanks so much!

Jessica(waldorfschoolart123)Jan 14, 2011

Wooden Puzzle Stands


so fun thanks

locascioaDec 30, 2010

Childrens Educational Counting Ladybug 3D Puzzle


Very nice workmanship! Quite happy, thanks!!

Ron Collins(wildturkey45014)Dec 23, 2010

Mosaic Yin Yang Wooden Tray Puzzle



Chuck Clark(chucklarge)Dec 23, 2010

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


Beautiful work! Can't wait for it to be opened on Christmas!

AdventuremommyDec 22, 2010

Mosaic Tray Puzzle Wooden Mandala


Thank you for the sweet alphabet tree puzzle! It's well-made and lovely.

typicalgeniusDec 22, 2010

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


Such a clever puzzle! It's lovely all assembled and displayed on a table

.Heather Azano-Brown(deepbluesea)Dec 22, 2010

Award Winning Alphabet Tree Wooden 3D Puzzle


Beautiful paint job, a little bit of a smell and wondering what it was painted or coated with??? Overall beautiful puzzle!

tracysroberts1Nov 30, 2010

Sunset River Landscape - Childrens Chunky Wooden Boxed-Tray Puzzle


Just got this in the mail! Beautiful! Can't wait for my daughter to open it on Christmas:)

andrealeightrippNov 10, 2010

Personalized Wooden Mosaic Boxed Tray Puzzle - Circle Mandala


9/17/10We received the dalmatian puzzle in short order. I think our first grandchild will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you for your prompt service and attention to detail. Sincerely,Bill


7/31/10Jeannette,I purchased this puzzle as a gift for my niece's 7th birthday coming up in September. I had it shipped to my mom who lives close to Samantha. Mom received the package yesterday and was very pleased. She said the packing itself was very well done and you obviously took great care to ensure no damage was done in shipping. She also loved the puzzle. She relayed the detail and skill involved and expressed how nicely finished everything was. I should mention that mom does copper foil stained glass art and is very much the perfectionist. She said it looked as if you worked in the same manor of detail as she does. Knowing how critical she can be this was quite impressive to me. So, although I have not seen the puzzle myself yet (hopefully I'll get my hands on it at Thanksgving.) I can safely say that I am quite happy with my purchase.Thank you so much and I look forward to future purchases.Rebecca



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