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What is a Unity Puzzle Ceremony?

A unity puzzle ceremony is centered around a custom designed unity puzzle like the ones sold at The Puzzled One.  Each unity puzzle is custom designed to tell your love story or tell the story of who you are as a family. It is a tool to symbolize the making of a family; the joining of two individuals or two families into one.  When creating the design for your puzzle, each family member will receive their own puzzle piece featuring their name that they can carry down the isle during the ceremony and place in the puzzle tray.  The pieces can be all different shapes and sizes as each family member brings with them their own special talents and abilities.  The idea is that once all the pieces are in place with each family member joined next to the rest  the puzzle is complete and together the pieces represent the newly formed family. As one child said "It makes it official, now we are a family!"

Custom Designed Unity Ceremony Wedding Puzzles Created for you with Love by:

Jeannette Aragon

Those of you who had to cancel your wedding due to coronavirus

Please contact me at if you need to change your wedding date on your puzzle.  it's an easy fix. There will be no charge to change the date.

Our wooden toys

At the Puzzled One you will find creatively designed, durably made wedding guest book puzzles, wooden puzzles and toys that are created to inspire possabilities, to develop minds, to stimulate imagination and to become heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation.  My hope is that my wooden puzzles and toys will build memories  of time shared together one puzzle piece at a time.

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